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Our Services

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1:1 Consultation Services


  • Parent support in person, on the phone, or via email

  • Help with paperwork and interpreting reports

  • Advice on what constitutes appropriate services and how to obtain them

  • Coaching in working with therapists and school, agency, and government personnel


Call 347-595-9208 today or email us at today to schedule your consultation TODAY with Hazel Adams-Shango

Education Influencer


Independent Parent Advocate


IEP/CPSE/CSE Meeting Representation



  • IEP review support, including Turning 5 meetings

  • Assistance in finding specialists to provide independent evaluations and supporting documentation

  • Transition support from Early Intervention (EI) to Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE), and CPSE to the Committee on Special Education (CSE)

  • Support and coaching for Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) and Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings


School Choice Application Advisement



  • Help in understanding elementary, middle, and high school options

  • Guidance for parents entering the system in CPSE or CSE

  • Assistance in developing HS Transition Plans and Community-Based Activities

Title I Parent Association (PA) or

Parent-Teacher Association(PTA)

Parent Workshop Topics




  • The ABC's of the IEP
  • How To Follow-Up With IEP Services
  • The Special Education Impartial Hearing Process
  • The Special Education Mediation Process
  • The Road From High School: College or Career Training
  • Child Development 411
  • Common Core  Learning Standards

Document Review and Indexing


We assist parents in reviewing all of their child's educational documents, reports, and evaluations in order to prepare an index, so that parents may locate specific documents with ease.


Many parents find this service very helpful as they move forward in advocating for their child.

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